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Workshop: Identifying the Digital Literacies of the Museum Workforce  
Ross Parry and Peter Pavement

The impact of digital media on museums has been pervasive and profound. The notions of visit and object, collection and exhibition, have all been disrupted and renegotiated by the influence of five decades of digital technology. ‘Digital’ has changed the idiom of ‘museum’ (Parry 2007, 2010).

And yet, it is widely recognised that the digital literacy of the museum workforce remains one of the key challenges continuing to impede the adoption of technology within the sector (NMC, 2015; 2016). According to Nesta, the AHRC and ACE (2014; 2015), over a third of museums in the UK still feel that they do not have the in-house skills to meet their digital aspirations, and rather than improving, some digital skills areas have decreased.

Acknowledging this pressing issue, the aim of this workshop is to consider what digital literacies are needed by the twenty-first museum workforce. Drawing upon the work of a new nation-wide UK research programme (the ‘One by One’ project) the workshop will work with participants to build a map of the profile and reach of existing workforce digital development. It will consider the extent to which existing training provision aims to develop ‘digital literacies’ (confidence in digital media), rather than just ‘technical skills’ (competencies in the use of particular hardware and software), and why, in terms of digital maturity, this distinction matters.

The workshop will attempt to explore the new digital literacies necessary for professionals working in digitally mature (postdigital) museums in museums today, and how important is it that these new literacies help museum professionals to be informed (identifying digital assets), to be reflective (valuing digital culture), to be responsive (managing digital change), and to be active (creating digital experiences).


Ross Parry            萊斯特大學博物館學研究所副教授/萊斯特大學數位校園校長
Peter Pavement   Surface Impression 總監



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